Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.

TradeKing is an online discount brokerage firm that was started in 2005. 

The signup process for TradeKing was easy, but, unfortunately, funding can take up to seven days.

TradeKing has an annual charge of $50 if you do not meet these two requirements:

  • The combined account value of the household account(s) is less than $2,500
  • AND No commission-charged trades have been executed in the account(s) during the last 12 months

Meaning if you have less than $2,500 with TradeKing you better make at least one trade a year. This shouldn’t be an issue for most investors. Though, if you have less than $2,500 to invest, my suggestion is you shouldn’t start investing anyways.

SmartMoney rated TradeKing #1 in customer service in 2010-2012 and gave them a 5 out of 5 rating. For those who want to talk online, they offer an online chat option from 8 AM – 6 PM Monday through Friday, Eastern time. 

TradeKing has a wide range of tools available to long term investors and active traders. It has:

  • Options Pricing Calculator
  • Probability Calculator
  • Profit + Loss Calculator
  • Options and Strategy Scanners
  • Stock, ETF + Mutual Fund Screeners
  • Maxit Tax Manager
  • Technical Analysis
  • TradeKing LIVE

TradeKing recently introduced TradeKing LIVE which is their new streaming (web 2.0) platform. You can stay on top of the latest market changes and your investments. It is completely browser-based, so there is no software to download and install. TradeKing LIVE currently only supports Apple’s Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox 4+ web browsers. They, do not support Internet Explorer. 

TradeKing recently announced an API. This is the future of online brokers. Interfacing with third -party research tools, trading systems, and other ways to automate trading is the future growth of this industry. 

Unlike others, TradeKing does not offer research reports or access to Morningstar analysis.

Founded in: 2005
Platforms: TradeKing API, TradeKing Forex Platform
Broker: 4.95
Minimum Deposit: 0

Mobile Trading Seminars, Education Forex

User Reviews


TradeKing just purchased free Equities Lab accounts for all of their existing and future members.


I used USAA brokerage service for years. Their brokerage and website site has become less and less capable as it has become more and more complicated. This is especially true to make a timely and dependable trade over recent years.
Consequently, I'm looking for not only a simplified and fast trading platform, but one that responds quickly within the trade process, isn't broken down frequently, has accessible brokers by phone when inevitably things crap out on their site, and lastly charges less than $8/trade. Slow time consuming trades are always more expensive than commissions.

USAA like most institutions has become increasingly management incompetent and less competitive as they have grown - lest QC website analysis and in general trying to be all things to to all people. The outcome is classically predictable - they are less than mediocre in all things to everyone. Brokerage wise they are downright scary - because their trade process has become so complicated. Additionally, you can never reach a broker by phone in a timely fashion. This morning a standard trade on a $25 major stock took more than 15 minutes - during which three phone calls failed to reach a broker for help. The USAA recorded phone navigator takes three to five minutes to even reach the broker call board. Really, this is past absurd considering the importance that time has in trading.


Tradeking is absolutely TERRIBLE with getting my money out of TD Ameritrade. It has been a few WEEKS and it may get done by NEXT MONDAY!! Some drivel about the "transfer agent" has it and are woeking o nit. That's a crock. I am using tradeking because Vectorvest can place orders directly to them or tradestation. Tradestation has a BETTER set of transaction fees. Either a penny a share purchase OR $4.95 a trade. If you are buying fewer shares, it's a penny a share with a ONE DOLLAR minimum. That is MIGHTY FINE. If I am buying fewer stocks (usually on higher priced stocks, I use tradestation. If I am buying "penny staocks" (less than $5 and frequently in the $1 to $2 range), then I will go the "per trade" route.


Customer service is poor. They couldn't correct an issue related to this nerd wallet promotion. I was told twice it would be corrected only to be told later that it wouldn't. The issue is still unresolved.

A few weeks later and the issue is resolved. I shouldn't have had to go through all the trouble but they took care of it.
they did the same thing to me, after an extra month i got the promo, then 2 weeks later I GOT IT AGAIN! so yeah for me, only took 20 emails.