Fidelity Investments

Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.

Fidelity Investments is a familiar and well-established name in the online stock trading industry. In addition to being available online, it has local branches in the majority of states, providing an opportunity for in-person advice and investment counseling. It offers trades with competitive fees, an online searchable knowledgebase and its well-known retirement planning assistance. Its online platform is very easy to use yet provides dozens of analytic charts and reports for in-depth research of securities.

Fidelity offers an online platform that is easy to use but still provides powerful research resources with over 60 interactive and customizable charts. Those charts are available on the mobile app, making it simple to perform research and order trades from your smart phone. Fees with this service are on par with industry average, and if you are an average trader, your trading fees should be less than $150 a year. Fidelity is one of the best stock trading sites for traders of all experience levels.

Founded in: 1946
Platforms: Active Trader Pro, Online trading platform
Broker: 7.95
Minimum Deposit: 2500

Mobile Trading Seminars, Education

User Reviews


I have been dealing with Fidelity for over 20 years now. I have never had an unpleasant phone encounter with a rep. They have always "come through", no matter how much time it took, or who they had to consult with, to get the job done. As far as the research goes, it's great, and the online interface is very easy to use. There have never been any errors made regarding any of my transactions or paperwork. While Fidelity is always "there" for you, they are never intrusive or trying to "sell" me something. I have no complaints!


I love their website and dig their research; Fidelity keeps me on track so I don't fear living in a box on Geary Blvd. when I'm 68.

But for real customer service both on the phone and in person?

Fidelity stinks!

I used to get credit for something like 500 trades a year if I moved money to Fidelity. Last time I tried to negotiate that, I practically got a fat lip:

"We won't do that because we're so wonderful, our site provides research tools, blah blah."

No more love for me. Alrighty then.

What really sent me over the edge are the two times I've gone on to their branch in the FiDi and get attitude in person - AND on the phone before I get there.

Sample (condensed):

(On the phone)

"Can I get a medallion signature guarantee?"

"If it's Fidelity business."

"Well, it's for a PIMCO 529 fund I want to move to Fidelity."

"I'll have to check on that."


I'm trying to give you MORE business and you can't effectuate the way to make that happen?

Yeah, I got my medallion signature but geez with a side serving of attitude.

"Hello, Charles Schwab? I'd like to open an account."


If you are considering entrusting your hard-earned investment portfolio to Fidelity Private Client, please think twice. They are more interested in serving their own needs, not yours. They will try to put you in as many of their Fidelity proprietary funds as possible. And, they will also try and sell you as many annuities as possible. Their reps are incentivized to sell you these products because that's where the company make its money. Of course the rep gets his cut, too. Fidelity reps will look you in the eye and provide you with all sorts of rationales while they make charts and show you why you "need" these financial instruments.

Just say NO to Fidelity! Run, don't walk out of that Fidelity office. I am so happy to be out of there. You are much better off going to a fee-based wealth manager / financial advisor who has no incentive other than to grow your assets. The more they make for you, they more they make for themselves. It's that simple.


I came in today and was helped by Sean (who never introduced himself to me). I came in inquiring about opening up an investment account. I felt like the whole situation with opening an account today (09-19-16) was very impersonal.

Everything I discussed with Sean was up at the front counter where anyone could hear my conversations. I felt his answers were short and generally uninformative. I wanted to ask more questions; however, I was standing at the counter the whole time and felt uncomfortable to ask as anyone could easily eavesdrop on my financial conversation.

When I asked if there was a place I could sit and talk with someone who may know more about Fidelity's brokerage accounts, I was told everything is done at the front counter. (Again very impersonal and where anyone could hear your financial information who walked in.)

I will say, I did end up opening an account with Sean's assistance. However, I felt uncomfortable and uneasy speaking more about what I wanted giving the lack of privacy Fidelity provided.


Front desk staff is useless.

Save yourself a trip and do everything over the phone or Internet. The people at this branch are lazy and a waste of overhead.


Over the years these guys have always done right by me. I love their products: ATP, Banking, billpay, 529s. trusts, etc. Their no transaction fee and low cost exchange traded funds are perfect for new investors and professional traders alike.

They have rarely failed me on complicated transactions and are always there to help.

Their Fidelity American express card gives you 2% back on all purchases ( caveat is that the cash must be deposited into a fidelity big deal though).

Service is impeccable: Fidelity's phone help is really helpful and professional. The San Fran office help is just as helpful ( if they don't know how to do it they will find out and get back to you).

As with almost every bank these days they provide an atm card ( if you open a checking account) that is free of any atm charges at various other banks ( they reimburse the fees). I highly recommend this if you are traveling as you can get foreign currency without any transactional cost and the exchange rate is always really really good.


Fidelity changed their statements to show only the LIFETIME gain or loss on each mutual fund you have. I just received my new statement and it shows a mystery amount in the Change in Investment Value. Where did it come from??? Nobody knows - unless you take the time to go online and look at the last month's value of each mutual fund holding you have, and then do the math yourself. This sucks. I myself have better things to do with my time.
What is their reasoning behind this change? It certainly is not in the best interest of the client.


I had great experiences with this branch - they were courteous and efficient.

A lot of the negative reviews here are commentary about Fidelity in general, or are concerning services that you shouldn't expect from the person manning the front desk at a branch.


This is the worst brokerage firm I have ever dealt with. I referred several accounts to Fidelity based on assurances and promises by Fidelity's representatives. After all of the accounts were transferred I mysteriously received a letter stating that they were making a "business decision" to remove account authority. No explanation! The representative I was working with could not believe it either. The left hand does not know what the right and is doing. If you value your time and your brokerage account, stay away from Fidelity. This company employs "bait and switch tactics". They really don't care, they are untrustworthy and make no effort to solve problems. They will treat you extremely poorly as well. I am moving my accounts ASAP.


Very happy with the speed of getting Medallion Signature guarantees (for stock transfers) at this branch! Very nice person helping me - very fast so that I forgot to get her name).

Was such a pain at Chase and then they wound up not being able to do this because my late dad had no estate account at Chase (he has no estate account anywhere because we did not have to go through probate!)
At Fidelity I have retirement accounts but not sure she even had time to check for them!


I like Fidelity Investments a lot but their alleged American Express card isn't theirs and it isn't a real American Express. Furthermore, the card issuer, FIA Card Services, is borderline incompetent. Read on...

I applied for a Fidelity American Express card based on the offer of 2% cash back on all purchases. When I got the card the paperwork informed me that the card was issued by FIA Card Services under license by American Express. Therefore, none of the existing Amex protections apply. Nonetheless, I accepted the card. I've now tried to pay the balance due online via my Fidelity cash management account and I'm told that the account cannot be verified so I have to call customer service. (I find it odd as well as extremely inconvenient that the card account that is attached to my Fidelity account cannot be verified.) I did call customer service and they tell me I have to submit a form via snail mail to verify my account. In the meantime, I cannot make a payment of more than $300 -- against a balance of several thousand dollars -- so it appears FIA/Fidelity will reap the benefit of an interest charge to me that I have no interest in incurring. Stay away from FIA and DO NOT be fooled into believing that Fidelity issues an American Express card.


ok I used to like Fidelity alot- but they changed their website..apparently some kind of fucktard nerd designed the new site.

very confusing..may move all my money to vanguard.


I have had multiple accounts with Fidelity for 20 years and am an active trader. I've been treated with nothing but respect and complete courtesy and competence.

Fidelity weathered the bank failures of 2007 without a problem as some of the major players went bankrupt overnight. Not Fidelity. That's the rock solid security and performance I need from folks that have my money.

Fidelity has helped me manage my investments into a sizeable portfolio, allowing me to do this full time now. They rolled out the red carpet when my young nephew opened his account, which really impressed him

I also have accounts with Schwab, and T.Rowe Price, both of which have been very good, but Fidelity has been my primary provider over the years. Low fees, great service, professional staff, and security. I can't recommend Fidelity enough.


I wish I had checked out the Yelp reviews before opening accounts at Fidelity.

But I didn't. And I had a bad experience where delivering a cash card was a big mess, the service was poor and untimely, and the staff was rude and avoiding accountability at the branch level. I filed an official complaint within Fidelity, and got more run around. I also wrote a negative Yelp review.

Then I got a letter from Fidelity telling me my accounts were going to be closed--and I had 3 weeks to get my funds out. And my Yelp review was taken down.

So I looked around for other companies, and I am happy to say that Vanguard has very low fees in comparison to Fidelity. And the San Francisco Federal Credit Union is very easy, has great interest rates, and its customer service is excellent. I thought that it might bother me not to have all my banking and investing in one place, but it is very easy to transfer money.

I find that Fidelity did me a service when they kicked me out.


Wanted to open an account here with a human. As usual, pushed to a computer. BTW, two of three stations were down.
CSRs here don't seem to want nor care for human interaction.
We couldn't finish due to a situation that required us to fill paperwork.
Frustrated, we left.


Fidelity Investment Reward AMEX card is terrible. They block the account all the time and I have to call (30 minutes wasted) a couple times a month and verify my transactions. Time to CANCEL and switch to Citi DoubleCash Back 2%. Plus lots of places don't accept AMEX. My bad, I thought I'd give em a try.


as there a few times in the past but I had a particularly good experience today at around 1ish. I was helped by a handsome blond haired guy in the front (forgot to ask for his name). I am a pretty novice investor and am trying to get into investing in stocks, he came over to helped me in the individual computer to make sure that j did it right. Thanks man.


After about 2 years of entrusting retirement funds to Fidelity's special Portfolio Advisory Services we have taken the sum back and in short, fired them. These are supposed to be the smartest guys on the block, but in a burning bull market they bumbled and fumbled themselves to an ignominious gain of 6% this year, and at a time when many of their funds are bringing in 4 times that much with less spectacular managers.

Three times they kept me on the phone for more than an hour trying to talk us out of closing the account but as I told them repeatedly, the performance stunk and to make matters worse they took hefty quarterly management fees out of the account. $1500 to be exact! And for what? Sitting in a big leather chair puffing on a cigar?? This probably explains the long phone calls. Enough fees going out the exit door and these little 'Buffets' lose their income.

I would stay away from Fidelity's PAS group. You would probably do better yourself by picking up a Money magazine and utilizing free advice. These guys fail to give you the personal attention you deserve. Their reputation for being conservative with your money is grossly overrated. There costs and fees are high enough to compete with similar companies who make a practice of gouging the consumer in subtle increments. If conservative means no growth and high fees then forget it. The best thing about this company is their website. It is top notch. Besides that Fidelity is nothing but hype!

Based on my experience with them during the annual reviews and the fiasco with the PAS I get the impression they are a bit lazy.


My son told me he was very pleased with the service he received from Mike at this branch.


Best banking experience ever. Hands down. Ask for Mike and he'll hook you up.


On our first visit today 6/9/14 we were treated with utmost respect and courtesy.
Kathryn H., and John at the front desk - were superbly professional, friendly and knowledgeable.
I'd called ahead to make an appointment - and that was honored even though it was the probably their busiest time of day.
The lobby was pleasant, cool (on a hot day), and we were offered water and/or a cup of coffee.
Our business was transacted in less than an hour (it was complicated at best) - and we were treated like we were customers - regardless of the amount of the transaction.
It was a seamless visit and we were very very pleased.


I've been a customer at Fidelity for the better part of a decade, and I have a decent-sized portfolio with them.

Wanting a professional assessment of my portfolio balance, I dropped in to try to have a short chat with an advisor. No one was at the front desk, and no one appeared for at least a couple minutes.

The guy who finally appeared was surprisingly unhelpful, even verging on rude. He seemed strangely condescending, and told me all the advisors were in a meeting for the next 30 minutes, so no one could help me that day. The guy promised a representative would call me back the next day to schedule an appointment--but surprise, surprise, no one did.

I'd always had pleasant experiences at the Atlanta branch, but this was extremely disappointing.


Called and got the phone tree runaround. Called again and got a person who referred me to another person. Called the other person and left a message, which was never returned. Took my money elsewhere, now and forever.


VIBE: Great architecture at 88 Montgomery. Feng Shui certification is
cool. They have a plaque at the front counter. Kiosks in lobby.
Nice people at the front counter and they have several service levels
depending on the client.
Getting deeper in:
1) I can bank anywhere but I chose the Fidelity Cash Management
Account for the higher FDIC coverage and for picking up ATM fees. I
used to use Bof A and other BANKS for checking but found them
inconvenient. If you have lived in SF for awhile you know that
sometimes you can be surprised when patronizing a restaurant that only
takes cash. The ATM feature on the CMA account allows you to use other
Bank's ATMs. They have the free smartphone camera tool for check
deposits; love it!!
2) I really respect the Fidelity Research, fund managers, and one
Research Director; Jurrien Timmer. Jurrien writes some of the
viewpoints articles on the fidelity site under the "news and insights"
tab. Anyone can sign up for the viewpoints weekly subscription on
that page. I find that weekly news useful and interesting.
3) SECRETS: GREAT WEB TOOLS. Go to the website and
click on the "guidance and retirement" tab then select "all tools &
4) Appointment secrets: A) Ask for a Retirement Quick Check/Retirement
plan, B) a Portfolio Review, C) what is new at Fidelity? D) Sign me up
for viewpoints weekly E) Client can set the agenda
5) I opened a CMA account for cash management and an IRA for
retirement savings. Fidelity also administers my 401k at work

1) High employee turnover.
2) Sometimes the camera shots of deposit checks does not take because
the photo is fuzzy. I have to remind myself to clean my camera lens
and take the picture in a well lighter place. I hold onto my paper
check until I see the check deposit in history just too be sure it


I've been down to this branch three times and get the distinct feeling that they really just don't care about the customer. I finally walked out on the third try and going to open my account somewhere else. This branch really detracts from the people who I have talked to at fidelity over the years. I'm still fuming at my wasting my time.


I have my 401k at Fidelity because the company I work (Microsoft) for uses them and Smith/Barney. For the second straight time, Fidelity flat out lied to me regarding when I would have my money.

Details: I took out a loan against my 401k to purchase a house. I had everything lined up in terms of electronic transfer just the way they told me to. Then I pulled the trigger on the loan and was told it would take 3-4 business days. On the 4th day, I called and was given a littany of excuses as to why it would now be a full week later! Needless to say, when you're trying to purchase a home, several days can have a dramatic impact on you getting the loan.

As I mentioned, this is the second time that Fidelity has lied to me regarding a payout so I'll be moving my money to Smith/Barney.



I recently took a SONY 401 K and rolled it over to a Fidelity IRA. Went into a Fidelity office to complete the transaction by a 3 way conference call. Was told the transactions were completed, given a confirmation number and the stocks cashed out and money rolled over into the IRA.

Check my account a week later and still in stocks. No transaction was ever done. I call to see what is going on and am told the back office did not process the paperwork. I am made to feel like i have done something wrong when i ask for the supervisors contact info of the employee who i spoke with on the phone. I ask for a copy of the recorded phone calls transcripts and am told i will need a subpeona????? THIS IS MY MONEY...

RED FLAGS everywhere. NO ONE wants to take any responsibility at all that this transaction was never done. I write a complaint. Never hear back. I call repeatedly to try and get some resolution as i have lost money because of this. NOTHING.

I finally get a number for the person who handles complaint. A Sean Wynne. I call him 4 TIMES. Finally i get a call back. Was told a response letter was sent out which i never received. He told me 3 times he would send it to me even overnight it. NEVER got it to date. PATHETIC is all i can say.





I come here about 1-2 times a month. So far have had 2 mistakes on deposits. No parking lot. After the renovation, the glass windows look great but I wish they would spend money to validate parking to make it convenient for customers.


I've gone into the downtown branch of Fidelity a couple of times in the past couple of years. I've interacted with the same woman there both times, which I often take as a good sign - lower turnover is usually good for customer service, and indicative of a good workplace.

The office space was remodeled in the past couple of years, and it's quite dramatic now, with huge glass windows making it very airy. I was surprised to note a plaque by the service desk indicating that the space had been "blessed" by a feng shui master when it was redesigned! Go figure that. At any rate, between the ample sunlight, the flat-screen TVs playing financial news, and the self-serve coffee maker, the lobby area is a much more relaxing space than typical bank rope-mazes or dark vaulting stone ceilings.

On my more recent visit, I wandered in with a stack of papers at 430p (they close at 530- wow!); there was noone at the desk, but sure enough within a minute or so, one came out to talk to me. As another customer came in behind me, she was able to 'magically' signal to have another associate come from the back. I was impressed that she did it discreetly and without appearing to take her attention off of me.

My issues were probably on the mundane side - moving some money from several other banks. Julie (?) dove right in, explained how to handle each situation and set about making paperwork appear and typing things in. She even called in to the necessary phone line to connect me to the right person to handle one of the details. I was really impressed with her efficiency and politeness. Friendly but not chatty, she verified that she was providing the right amount of detail to me and reviewed everything again at the end. She moved and talked quickly at times, but I didn't feel rushed at all, and never felt that she was distracted.

Especially compared with other banks that have given me the runaround or sent me to talk to someone else or fill things out online, my experiences at this Fidelity branch have been very smooth, and very humane. If they're not careful, I'll start coming in to talk to them a lot more, maybe even instead of doing things on the website. (eek!)

More generally, Fidelity's statements are a MILLION times more readable than SmithBarney's, and their systems talk seamlessly to Quicken, even for IRA transactions, which have previously seemed totally cryptic to me (and i'm a techie and a math geek).


I have a large portfolio, am a premier member, and Fidelity has consistently delivered poor customer service and mishandled a trade, resulting in a financial loss. I do not recommend them


I was planning to open an account at this location and called them to discuss. I had to call back TWICE because the people who answered the phone kept transferring me to call centers in various parts of the U.S. When I called back a third time, the new person answering the phone was as unhelpful as the previous two.

The good news is that I realized before I gave them my assets that their level of competency gets a failing grade. On to Merrill Lynch or Charles Schwab.


My dad likes hanging out here, so I leave that to him. Stocks and such. Fun times.


I was hugely disappointed in the service I received when I opened an IRA account there. I always felt I was talking to a "man in a suit" instead of a real, down to earth person. Basically, I had trouble relating to the broker.


Although their choices are good and the phone customer service has always been good. I can't say that for their customer service at the Montgomery branch. While some individuals are fine, too many times the customer service people don't know they're own policies. I would also venture that, alternatively, the bank's communication of said policies to the branches and the customers is less than adequate. Their fee structures are fairly obtuse. I switched companies. Regardless, they do have a good reputation.


this place sucks! in november i needed time sensitive information from my "broker" it took 11 business days to finally get a return phone call from him. yesterday i went in to make a very large deposit and wanted to talk to someone to advise me where to put it. they wanted me to deposit the money as cash and make an appointment with an "advisor". the first appointment she could give me was a month away. imagine that? a month! that is not customer service and i am done with them! i was told they were short handed in a state with 12% unemployment. i tried calling the 800# and was told the same thing after waiting 15 minutes for an "account specialist".


My partner and I had been thinking about diversifying our assets and making sure that our savings were earning their best potential. We tried our bank first (B of A) but they seemed only concerned about selling us their own products. Being risk-averse already, we came away even more suspicious. So, we asked several of our friends in the financial field for recommendations, and they told us to go to Fidelity Investments and Chris Charvotta. Fidelity already managed my retirement fund so it was not totally out of the left field. Chris was every bit as knowledgeable as they said. We were able to set up several appointments to talk about goals and options. There was no "hard sell" to use more of their own products. I think we came away with some great advice and someone we could call out of the blue with a question. I have since followed some of his advice and will continue seek it for future financial investments.


Even if you're a very small-time, IRA/retirement-oriented investor, Fidelity is happy to give you their full attention at any time of the day or night. Stick your retirement loot in a Freedom Fund, make regular deposits, talk with them every few years, and don't worry about a thing until you retire.


I was quite unimpressed with the level of professionalism in this office. After being pursued by phone by a few Fidelity Investment folks to move my 401K to an IRA, I finally decided to go into this office and talk to one of the retirement specialists. They have a helpdesk upfront which looks like is being serviced by collage students in a suit. I walked up and asked to talk to a retirement specialist and the answer was "we don't have individuals sitting in their office waiting for walk-ins. If you need to talk to someone, I suggest you make an appointment and right now its going to be a couple of weeks out"... And then he said that he is one of the retirement specialists. He looked like he was just out of collage, not that looks matter but I always thought of a specialist as someone with a few years of investment under their belt if they are going to give me advice on what to do with my money. Anyhow, I thought he was really rude anyway, as if he was insulted that I have walked in without an appointment. Hope other offices are more professional, but this one certainly does not get a star from me.