UBS AG, Bahnhofstrasse 45, CH-8001 Zurich, Switzerland;

UBS Group AG/UBS Group SA/UBS Group Inc. ("UBS") is a public company incorporated under the laws of Switzerland and with registered and principal offices in Zurich. UBS is listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX) and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The chairman of the Board of Directors is Axel A. Weber, and the Group Chief Executive Officer is Sergio P. Ermotti.

UBS Financial Services Brokerage Trading Fees

Costs for an equity buy or sell order are expensive by industry standards. An odd lot of 30 shares of ETF FXS (CurrencyShares Swedish Krona Trust) totaling $5,200 will cost the customer in the neighborhood of $75. Two round 100 lot shares of the Silver ETF SLV (iShares Silver Trust) will cost $110.

y contrast a mutual fund purchase will cost the client $5.25. These are not the only fees the client will pay however, as the only mutual funds that UBS allows are mutual funds that are loaded; i.e. the shareholder pays a sales charge to UBS for buying the shares. There is no cost for redeeming shares of a mutual fund.

Account holders with a balance of $250,000 and above will receive personalized service with a dedicated financial advisor and client service associate.

Founded in: 1998
Platforms: UBS’s on-line platform
Capital: 41.01 billion
Broker: 170
Minimum Deposit:

User Reviews


Had an account with them and felt they only reviewed when we set up a visit. Wasn't till I was leaving that they started to want to talk. Had more contact in 2 weeks than the years they were 'investing' for me.
Put our money in high fee investments, and made some poor investment choices. Salt in the wound when you are paying to lose money. Crazy fees when started moving assets out.
Do yourself a favor and go about anywhere else. Not worth the fees (high fees for adviser and expensive to trade if not with an adviser, you lose either way).


I have IRA with UBS, each year they increase the yearly maintenance fee, now $170 paid in December. When I inquired on rolling over to another brokerage account in January I was told there would be a $95 transfer fee and another annual fee of $170 would be charged. Stay away from UBS unless you want to be ripped off.


I checked in with my stock advisor to see what my stocks were worth a couple of days ago, and I was happy to know the value.So 2 days later I call him to liquidate everything, and he says not a problem, and says you'll be selling this many of each stock and that was it, and we hung up with each other and a minute later he calls back saying today was not a good day to sell, but he sold everything anyway.

He proceeded to let me know that it was 900 dollars less than the other day.

As a financial advisor I feel like he had a duty to inform me, but failed to say beforehand, "hey your value is 'this' are you sure you don't want to wait a day?" as if he wanted me to lose my money.UBS Financial Services is not recommended unless you don't mind any financial losses you may incur.


I have been with UBS for several years and decided to move my accounts to TD Ameritrade. The greedy jerks pelted me with hundreds of dollars of fees which I understand is their MO. I suggest if you decided to use UBS that you never leaver or be prepared to be raped!


After over twenty years, I liquidated a small IRA.I was told the current value of the account and specifically asked if there were any fees or hidden costs associated with the withdrawal.

I was told there would be no additional fees or costs. The funds were direct-deposited into my checking account minus $75. I called and was told this was either an annual fee or a close-out fee and would not be refunded.

Besides paying an exorbitant annual fee relative to the value of the account, these last minute, arbitrary and unspecified charges are fraudulent and a bad business practice. UBS should not be able to bilk the consumer so readily and should be avoided.


I have had a small account ($2,200ish) with UBS for 13 years. For the first 12 years the annual fee was around $75.

Last year it jumped to $170, taking all but $30 of the account's appreciation. I called and appealed the excessive fee. My appeal was denied. I was told I needed to have $70,000 in the account if I wanted a fee reduction.

Would I trust them with that amount of money after this? No way!

I said I wanted to withdraw the money and was told I would have to pay ANOTHER $170 to get the money out. Those people are thieves.


All employees have to move their accounts to UBS supposedly due to regulations. Poor bastards.