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Barclays Stockbrokers MarketMaster® online trading platform offers a single account for trading shares, funds and commodities. Extend your online account to include Barclays award winning International Trader, Investment ISA, CFD dealing and SIPP accounts.

An account with Barclays Stockbrokers gives you access to:

  • Daily briefings from analysts
  • Access to equity research and funds research
  • Equity research e-mail alert with stock opinion
  • Limit orders, especially useful when the market is closed
  • Online bulletin - informative and useful articles on the market
  • Barclays Stockbrokers Price Improver® scans the market makers to get best price
  • If you buy and sell, reinvesting at least 75% of the proceeds, pay only one commission
  • The Active Traders Club - exclusive benefits if you deal more than 15 times a year



Founded in: 2003
Licensed: FSA UK (#124247, #119184, #139258)
Platforms: Barclays web trading platform, Barclays CFDs, Barclays Financial Spread Trading, International Trader, Covered Warrants, BARXdirect Equities, Turbos
Minimum Deposit: 2500

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User Reviews


Not at all fit for Professional Forex Trading. The Platform is one of their major drawbacks


The trading platform of Barclays is nicely executable and performs all the necessary and informative services.


This afternoon it took over an hour to close a winning trade that turned into a loser. I I have been told that it is just a temporary problem demo and will not happen on a live acct. Who wants to take that kind of chance! Same thing happen during the early Asian period. I hate to say it but it seems like it is a case of good broker gone bad!


I have been trading with Barclays for last three years and found them excellent whenever I wanted to withdraw money. It is transferred into my bank account within two hours, executions are fast and perfect no doubt best broker for traders.


With my experience, I am quoting some points. First, the spread is too high. If you do one trading. Second, we won't be able to phone the support.


I have used Barclays mainly stocks and other commodities. Overall their service has been good :)


For me, Barclays has the best spreads in the market! their trading platforms are really great for traders!


Trading platform is user friendly, entering orders not difficult and the service off chat is quite good.


Barclays has a very simple and easy platform to use. I am very happy with them so far and made a profit for 2 months hahah =p


As a Barclays client – albeit in the great majority (I assume) who have never owned a NEW share – I do know that they are extremely careful to do most things by the regulatory book. But they also make mistakes.

Given the way in which the big banks are policed these days, I would be surprised if they had knowingly acted improperly.


I have recently opened a share dealing account with SAGA that appears to 'piggyback' on the Barclays platform and I can confirm that when there is any volume of trade other than a trickle, it is impossible to deal. I am looking for a better provider and will now sell my SAGA holdings and close the account. Have to find a nice quite day!