FinecoBank is a multi-channel (web, financial advisers, branches) direct bank, which focuses almost exclusively on the retail customer segment. In addition to pursuing the consolidation of its leadership position at domestic and European level in the trading segment, FinecoBank is the UniCredit group’s Asset Gathering bank, with over 2,300 personal financial advisers dedicated to customers who prefer to deal with professionals, focused on providing advice and asset management.

In 2012, FinecoBank continued to be the leading broker In Italy1 , with a total of 22.5 million transactions, as well as the leading European broker in terms of the number of orders executed and the range of the products offered in a single account.

FinecoBank holds 2nd place in the Assoreti ranking for net deposits, with a market share of 15.84%.

In terms of customer satisfaction, an excellent level of consensus was again recorded (97%)2 , with a positive perception of the quality and completeness of the products and services provided, the versatility of internet banking and relations with the Bank.

In 2012 approximately 74,000 new bank accounts were opened, confirming the market’s interest in the products and services offered by Fineco.

Founded in: 1999
Platforms: Fineco Mobile, PowerDesk, Web Trading, Stock Screener, Logos
Minimum Deposit: 100

Mobile Trading Seminars, Education Forex

User Reviews


Execution of trades are very fast, same as with their deposit and withdrawal systems. I never have to wait longer than what they promise. Sometimes, funds are transferred sooner actually. But support is teriblle. And this i think is one of most importnat thing. To have good support cause you never know what can happend. And when i have problem and waiting for reply onr ont have is bad.


Their spreads are variable. This keeps the spread tight, which can end ip being a big expense to the trader, but platform are stable and reliable.


I manage a large industrial account. I find Finaco’s resources aligned with the needs of my corporation’s industrial investment needs. I would strongly recommend Finaco.


I have a constant problem with their server connectivity, I can't close my winning trades.


I only go long with a hedge. That’s why Finaco is perfect for me. I couldn’t stand mucking around with the investors looking for a quick profit. Investing take sound research and proper tools. That’s what I get from Finaco.


I only had a demo account, but I was pretty impressed by the multiproduct interface. Although I am using it with difficulties because is too complicated…
The customer support was really poor, the spreads on FX were much too wide.


The trading platform is not stable. In the last 4 months, I lost several times the connection. They refused to compensate the losses I had on my account last two weeks though they acknowledge that they have a technical issue on that time but still they didn't give the money back to my account.


A serious regulated broker, which provides certain feeling of security, which you don’t get from an offshore broker. So far I’ve had no problems and the customer support has been helpful with all of my questions.


I loved this broker from their trading execution and taking out of profit. Spreads are okay, during news. No problems with withdrawals, and there is no issues while trading.


High spreads, difficult phone support is difficult to contact them, needs to improve their services for partners.


The first time i felt no problem to join Fineco. Then I feel disappointed with the service, because customer support doesn't respond.


Please stay away from Fineco. It is the worth broker ever. It takes only few second to deposit your account, but it is extremely difficult to withdraw cash from your account. I withdraw my money last week, but I haven't got any money so far. I am not sure if I would get it. The platform is horrible, too many errors and delay. I have experienced an error such as "internal server error". You cannot place an order, cancel an order or even change your stop loss, unless you sign out and sign in again.


It's almost one month since I requested to close my account and withdraw my remaining funds but I got no response from them about it.


I rarely got profits. The trading platform of this broker is not responsive as well as the staff.


I think their platform is unstable. I tried them for once and found no unique service. To be honest this company never processed my withdrawal request. It's been a week already!


They don't have a complete analysis and that's the reason why I still looking for another broker.


I'm trading with this broker for almost 6 months and I was quite happy but last week when I went short and placed a stop loss for it. I observed that prices tend to change really quick normally making your profitable positions close in the losing end.


I got different response from them since I tried to ask them regarding my cancelled profits.


Changes the spread already given order more than 5 6 spreads so night time. It's dangerous to trade this kind of fake and scam brokers, so you shouldn't open account here. Please don't open account here


Very trustable (it'a a very good online bank) and with 1% automatic SL for your safety.
Clever Leverage of max 50:1 for Multiday and 100:1 for intraday trading.
Poor owner Platform (i use MT5 for graphs and insert orders on it site)
They turn off servers at 2 AM and reopen at 6:15 AM European central time GMT+1, so u can't insert orders in this time lapse but your previously orders are still active.
Pretty high fixed spreads (eurusd 3 pips) but reliable and no slippage (of course not mention "black swan" or high volatility like every broker)